The Seasons of Kat Superfly

{January 20, 2006}   Photo Friday – “Pink”

In honor of my very dear friend Maria, I have met my first PhotoFriday challenge. 

Smile, Maria…pink is your friend! 🙂

Click here to see what PhotoFriday is all about.


jenjules says:

You have flip flops on…. in JANUARY. Umm… NOT fair! Poo on you! 😉

Kathryn says:

The high today os 79 and bottom line…that just ain’t right! Tomorrow it will be 81 and bottm line…that just ain’t right!

The only thing that makes it right…I get to wear sandals year round. 🙂

Maria says:

First of all pink maybe your friend but it just doesn’t work well with me and it definately doesn’t do me any justice! Secondly, I agree what is wrong with wearing flip flops all year long? 32 degrees or 81, your friend Maria WILL be wearing flip flops!! Gotta love them! Thirdly, your toes look great! Gone with your bad self! I wish i could have cute feet like yours!

Moma says:

Well, I know that I would NEVER post a photo of MY feet on this or any other blog. You would have to put a disclaimer out there stating that some of the content is not suitable for ANYONE’s viewing. Give me a year and surgery and maybe I’ll challenge you!

Kathryn says:

Now, now, my feet are not that cute. I’ve got my daddy’s BIG, big toes. I just thought it would be a cute picture to enter into Photo Friday and I had to meet that challenge in honor of you, Maria, since pink is your favorite color. 😉

And Moma, your feet are not THAT bad. They may feel that bad but you certainly wouldn’t need a disclaimer.

edlyn says:

i try to find something at and take it on your site…thanks

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